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Life Drawing

We currently meet the first and second Tuesday of each month, from 7pm to 9pm.

Numbers are limited and bookings are essential.

Class fee is $20


For any enquiries & bookings please email:

or text Bruce on 0433 163 230

Start time

The class starts at 7.00pm. It is recommended that you arrive at least 5 minutes before, so that you can set up your work area and have everything ready.


We start with some short gestures to warm up.  These poses may be as short as 1 or 2 minutes, and then extend to 5 minutes. There is usually time for 2 x 10 minute poses before we have a short break. 

Be prepared to get stuck in quickly and make decisive marks – it is surprising how time flies, especially on one- or two-minute poses.

You are not here to produce a masterpiece but rather to exercise your hand-eye co-ordination and improve your ability to create a convincing likeness quickly.

The model will hold various poses for different time lengths (short & long) and you’ll do rapid sketches of them.

In the second hour, we work on longer poses, up to 20 minutes. Each artist is invited to share their favorite piece which is photographed and included in our Facebook page.


Tea/coffee and some snacks are available.  It's also a great time to compare results with the other artists.  There is some amazing talent in our group.


These life drawing sessions are not tutored which means there won’t be a teacher giving you exercises or suggestions, you just draw the model as best you can. These are not really ‘classes’ but more like practice sessions.

What to bring

Bring your own life drawing kit including pencils or sticks of charcoal, a rubber, sharpener and some paper. Coloured pencils, pastels and paints can also be used. Tables and easels are provided.

Important note

Just a reminder, as a courtesy to our model, no unauthorised photography is permitted.  If you are using a tablet or similar device, please use a post-it sticker (available from the organiser) to place over the lens.

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