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Exhibitions - General Conditions of Entry

These are all "Conditions of entry" on our entry forms and in signing the form, members agree to abide by these rules.

Works which are found to be in breach of these conditions will not be hung.

Member's Only

  • Unless otherwise stated, all exhibitions held by CPAS are open to financial Members only.

  • Membership fees are due on the 1st August annually


  • All framed artworks must be clean, undamaged and professionally mounted and framed to exhibtion standard.

  • Works on stretched canvases must be presented in a neat, professional manner, with finished edges.  

  • The sides of unframed canvases must be at least 30 mm thick, thin edged unframed canvases will not be accepted.

  • All hanging artworks must have D rings attached 10cm from the top of the artwork, plus string or wire separate from the D-rings. Click here for illustration of D Ring & string placement

  • Works on paper: must have backing, mat surround and be covered with a plastic/cellophane sleeve.

  • All works must be visibly SIGNED by the artist.


  • A label noting the artist's name, contact details, title of work, dimensions, price and medium must be securely affixed to the back. Click here for downloadable labels


  • All artworks entered by the Artist must be the original work of the Artist, no photography will be accepted. Images should not be copied where the origin is unknown or where it is unclear as to whether permission has been given by the copyright holder. For some specific images compliance might involve contacting a particular photographer, artist, newspaper or publication. It is recommended that permission be verified in writing.

  • We will not accept any works which are photographs on paper or canvas that have been re-touched or over-painted with any form of art materials including oil, acrylic, inks, pastel, charcoal, or pencil.

  • Works which are found to be in breach of these conditions will not be hung.

Size of Artworks

  • In general, hanging works are not to exceed 500cm perimeter including framing. 

  • Weight of artworks is not to exceed 10 kg.

  • Display stand unframed works are not to exceed 300cm perimeter.

  • The $45 range of paintings are suitable for paintings which are 13cm x 18cms. You have the option of keeping the paper mount inside the frame and reducing the size of the visible area of your painting to 9cm x 14cm.  Click here-frame size

Delivery & Collection

  • Artwork must be delivered on the delivery date stated on the entry form to the Hunter St Gallery of Fine Arts, Shop 6, 4-14 Hunter St, Parramatta between 9.00 am and 11.00 am.

  • Unsold artworks must be collected on the collection date at the same location between 9.00 am and 11am.

  • These times must be strictly adhered to.

  • A fee of $30 per week or part thereof will apply for uncollected work


  • CPAS will take all reasonable care in handling your artworks, however, will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to any of the artworks on the premises. Insurance for paintings is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor.


  • Generally, CPAS will promote the exhibitions on its website, facebook, instagram and from time to time on printed media. CPAS reserves the right to reproduce images of all artworks for promotional purposes, display or for media use.

  • Exhibiting artists are encouraged to promote the exhibition on their own personal social media networks. 


  • All works must be for sale. A 10% commission will apply on all sales related to the exhibition. Payment will be made by direct deposit to the entrant within 30 days of end of exhibition.

  • CPAS does not collect G.S.T. All prices must be total selling price. Any G.S.T. liability between the artist and the A.T.O. remains the responsibility of the artist.


  • The selection committee will choose the works for exhibition from the works received. CPAS reserves the right to decline to exhibit any work. Overweight paintings, wet paintings, or works with poor quality frames will not be hung. The committee’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Artworks not selected are required to be collected on the next business day between 10:00 am and 3.00 pm as there is no space to store uncollected paintings.

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